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Associacao Movimento Juvenil em Olhao

Associação Movimento Juvenil em Olhão

Acronym: MOJU

The Association – Movimento Juvenil em Olhão uses the abbreviation MOJU.
It was founded on the 16th October, 2007 in Olhão, Portugal. MOJU is a youth association that works at local level, is non-profit making, and independent of all political, syndicalism or religious affiliation.

The aims of the Association are:
- Encourage active youth participation in society, directly or indirectly;
- Develop activities (inter) cultural, educational, social, sportive, recreational and environmental aimed at overall development of young people in Olhão’s municipality;
- Promote discussion and dissemination of information about the needs and aspirations of Olhão’s municipality youth, to contribute to the development and implementation of appropriate local policies;
- To collaborate with public and private, national and international entities, aiming the development and implementation of the objectives described above.

Address: Rua Perpendicular à Rua de Olivença Lote 2 R/C, 8700 Olhão

Country: Portugal

Telephone: +35 289713065

Email: moju.olhao(AT)



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