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Armenia Progressive Youth

Հայ Առաջադեմ Երիտասարդություն

Acronym: APY

“Armenian progressive youth’’ NGO is based on the common interests of the individuals. The organization is a voluntary social union which isn’t aimed to satisfy religious, material and other demands. The principles of organization’s activity are legality, voluntary, equality of rights, self-governing, publicity.

APY is an umbrella organization that implements various activities by its clubs.

“Local events organizing” club. The aim of the club is to organize local events in Yerevan and in the regions of Armenia on the topics that correspond to the aims and objectives of APY. During a year APY organizes mainly educational and entertainment events that promote human rights, environment issues, healthy lifestyle, web 2.0 usage promotion, awareness campaigns and etc.

“APY PR” club. The groups implements tasks that promotes visibility of APY activities and promotes Armenian culture and values to international level. The main tasks of the group is the promotion of APY activities in Social and traditional media, preparation of postcards, bucklets and other PR materials according to the needs of the events.

“Youth & Media” club. Armenian Progressive Youth NGO carries out the video shootings on various topics concerning the youth. Within the program organization plans to conduct various courses and trainings both in Armenia and different European countries. During the courses young people learn how to use the video camera and video editing computer programs as well as will gain journalistic skills and knowledge.

“Youth and environment” club. “Youth and environment” club’s main activity is to inform youth about environmental dangers that world challenges and how to act eco-friendly. The club organizes environment actions and exhibitions for protecting nature.

The idea to found the organization occurred in 2007, so APY(Armenian Progressive Youth) initiative has been active from 2007. APY NGO was founded on November 20, 2009.

Address: Verin-Shengavit, 10-th street, 1-35, 0016 Yerevan, Armenia

Country: Armenia

Telephone: +37410487803

Email: info(AT)



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