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Armenia Progressive Youth

Հայ Առաջադեմ Երիտասարդություն

Acronym: APY

APY is a non-profit, non-political organization aiming to support, inspire and engage young people from Armenia and all over the world to develop their social leadership skills, to take their civic responsibility and to act as change-makers. Through different projects, initiatives and non-formal education tools we help young people to succeed, ensuring that they develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and competences to fit to the modern world.

Our vision:
We believe that progressive, educated, skillful, open-minded and engaged young people possess all the power to become actors of change in Armenia and beyond We envision a society where young people achieve their full potential and become engaged and responsible citizens. Youth is not the future but the present!

Our method:
At the heart of our efforts is boosting the potential of young people, empowering, engaging and inspiring them to succeed as citizens, entrepreneurs and change-makers. We do it by building capacities, helping youth to acquire new knowledge and skills, providing mobility opportunities and engaging youth in volunteering programs.

Our Goals:
Fostering active citizenship and youth participation by improving understanding of democratic values and principles.
Building capacities of young people as well as providing personal and professional growth through non- formal education and
volunteering programs.
Promoting development and recognition of youth work, non- formal education and volunteering in Armenia.
Stimulating accessibility of young people to formal and non-formal education opportunities, enhancing transparency in youth work.
Strengthening educational and intercultural exchange between young people of Armenia and other countries.

Address: 45 baghramyan, Yerevan, Armenia

Country: Armenia

Telephone: +37412539204

Email: info(AT)


APY Logo

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