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Active Bulgarian Society

Сдружение ''Активно Българско Общество''

Acronym: ABS

Active Bulgarian Society (ABS) is a youth network that we created using our imagination in order to improve our potential and surrounding environment with fresh and positive ideas. What solidifies us is our passion to take the initiative and involve young people in social life, through European Mobility and Training programs.
Together with our focus on networking and determination for future development, Active Bulgarian Society applies an innovative approach to develop youngsters through deep involvement in the activities of the organization. At ABS we are looking forward for the changes to happen. We have the time and willingness to share our time and make our dreams happen.
Considering that together we could set the foundations of next generations with personal, social and professional development, we invite you to check our team and join us. Gain more confidence in planning and implementation of YOUR youth initiatives.

Our mission:
-Support with all means available, the development and self-awareness of young people, thus ensuring a brighter and more secure future for them.
-Eliminate the barriers between social circles and the youngsters belonging to them.
-Advocate for youth leadership, equity and alliance.

Our vision:
-Raising awareness among young people about personal and professional opportunities ahead;
-Promoting intercultural dialogue;
-Promoting European self-awareness;
-Encouraging youngsters to take the initiative and be proactive;
-Distribution and promotion of European values.

Address: Blagoevgrad 2702, PO BOX 24, Bulgaria

Country: Bulgaria

Telephone: +359878348029




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