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Act4Change is a youth movement that works on a more sustainable society. Act4Change believes in the strength of inspiring youth as the actor for change. That is the reason why Act4Change supports youth with a pioneering role (or that have the intention to play a pioneering role) in realising change in society. Act4Change organises meetings and learning opportunities for young pioneers and supports young people who take own initiatives contributing to sustainable development. Act4Change believes in the value of competency development, empowerment, networking and diversity.
Our main activities include:
1) Masterclasses for sustainable development: weekend format for 50 young people containing workshops with experts on sustainable development and formal and informal exchange opportunities between participants.
2) Coffees with the Future: small scale (15 participants) informal evening sessions with an expert on sustainable development, focusing on inspiring young people, exchanging experiences and non-formal learning.

Country: Belgium

Email: act04change(AT)


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