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YEU Alumni


YEU has now been around for almost 30 years! We want to stay in touch and keep the YEU spirit alive from beginnings to nowadays.

YEU is calling all YEU Governing Board members, Secretary Generals, International Coordinators, Secretariat staff, members of Working Groups, Core Teams, Facilitators, Trainers, or simply all of you actively involved in YEU or Member Organizations events to keep in touch with YEU and all those people you shared some amazing days of your lives with. We will keep you updated on YEU activities through our Newsmail, provide contact with other alumni but also ask you to share some nice moments from YEU history with new generations.

How to do all this? It is easy - register as YEU Alumni in our database.

Hello, Cyprus calling! Interview with Eleni Michail

Hello! Talking about me is not something I tend to do! But this is a special occasion! I am a project coordinator in YEU since last February and I am based in Cyprus. I really enjoy my job! As we ofte ... Continue→

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